medi SLK 90 shoulder rest cushion comfortablemedi SLK 90 shoulder rest cushion comfortable
medi SLK 90 shoulder rest cushion comfortablemedi SLK 90 shoulder rest cushion comfortable

medi SLK 90

Shoulder dislocation cushion
  • High-quality closure mechanisms
  • Stable positioning thanks to the anatomically moulded cushion
  • Hand rest for exercising the arm//
  • Makes early therapeutic training possible
Product variety
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Material components
PU foam, Polyamide

Positioning cushion for relief of the shoulder

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medi SLK 90 is a shoulder support with positioning cushion (and ring straps) to relieve the shoulder in a splayed position (abduction) of 15° and in neutral rotation. The anatomically moulded cushion makes a stable positioning of the arm possible, while the various straps on the support hold the joint firmly. The intelligent ring straps reduce the tension in the shoulder-neck area, which increases the comfort of the support.
The medi SLK 90 shoulder support can be used for all indications that require immobilisation and relief of the shoulder joint in abduction, for example:

  • after a rotator cuff reconstruction
  • after an operation to stabilise the shoulder
  • after an anterior shoulder dislocation (dislocation of the shoulder; conservative) 
  • after a humeral fracture (fracture of the head of the humerus; conservative, postoperative)
  • after insertion of a shoulder prosthesis
  • after a dislocation of the acromioclavicular joint (postoperative)
  • after surgical fixation of the long biceps tendon to the head of the humerus biceps tenodesis
  • painful impingement of tissues in the region of the shoulder joint (impingement syndrome; conservative, postoperative).

The anatomically moulded cushion of the medi SLK 90 serves to immobilise the joint in 15° abduction. In this case, the shoulder is positioned securely in neutral rotation (90° angle to the frontal plane). This relieves the posterior shoulder structures.
The ergonomic design of the hand rest improves comfort of the shoulder support, while at the same time allowing the hand to move freely. Early functional follow-up treatment, for example, after an operation, is straight forward due to the simplicity of the handling of the support. The forearm pouch can be easily opened, which, among other things, makes it easier to perform physiotherapeutic exercises.
With the immobilisation of the shoulder, the pain on movement in everyday life can be alieviated or prevented. The high-quality cushion material makes the shoulder support comfortable to wear.

Product features
  • Allows positioning of the shoulder at 90° to the frontal plane releasing the posterior capsule to optimum position
Intended purpose

The medi SLK 90 is a shoulder joint support for immobilisation and stress relief.


For all indications which require immobilisation and stress relief of the shoulder joint in abduction with optional external rotation, such as:

  • After rotator cuff repair
  • After shoulder stabilization
  • After anterior shoulder dislocation (nonsurgical)
  • Humeral head fractures (nonsurgical, postoperative)
  • After insertion of shoulder prosthesis After stabilization of acromioclavicular joint dislocations
  • After biceps tenodesis
  • Impingement syndrome (nonsurgical, postoperative)

All indications which expressly require internal rotation or abduction of more than 15°.

  • Irreducible posterior dislocation of the shoulder.
  • Instability of the shoulder in Parkinson’s disease
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