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medi Shoulder sling

Shoulder joint support

  • Easy access for wound inspection
  • Simple adjustment

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Shoulder joint support for immobilisation

The medi Shoulder sling is a shoulder joint support. The product is exclusively to be used for the or thotic fitting of the shoulder and only on intact skin.


Product benefits

  • Allows easy access for wound inspection
  • Simple adjustment to allow for limited exercises

Intended purpose

The medi Shoulder sling is a shoulder joint support for immobilising the shoulder in a defined position.


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Material components



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Medical specifications


All indications where immobilization of the shoulder joint in internal rotation is necessary, such as:

  • For conservative treatment for anterior dislocated shoulder / chronic anterior subluxation
  • Following rotator cuff repair
  • Separated shoulder (conservative, post-operative)
  • Scapular fracture (conservative, post-operative)
  • Proximal humeral head fracture (conservative, post-operative)


  • All indications that specifically require abduction and/ or external rotation
  • Nonsurgical and postoperative treatment of posterior shoulder luxation

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