medi SAS 15 shoulder abduction splint from medimedi SAS 15 shoulder abduction splint from medi
medi SAS 15 shoulder abduction splint from medimedi SAS 15 shoulder abduction splint from medi

medi SAS® 15

Support for positioning in abduction
  • Relief of the shoulder in 15° abduction
  • comfortable positioning with anatomically preformed cushion
  • breathable forearm pouch for more comfort in wear
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PU foam, Polyamide

medi SAS® 15 - shoulder support

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The medi SAS® 15 is a support for immobilisation of the shoulder. It helps to hold the arm away from the body at a 15° angle (abduction) and provides tangible relief for the shoulder. The anatomically preformed cushion allows a secure and comfortable positioning of the joint. The breathable forearm pouch also increases the comfort in wear of the shoulder support.

The support relieves the shoulder joint, among others in the following indications:

  • after rotator cuff reconstruction
  • post-operative and conservative treatment after a fracture of the head of the humerus
  • following the implantation of a shoulder endoprosthesis
  • following surgery for AC joint separation
  • after operative fixation of the long biceps tendon on the head of the humerus (biceps tenodesis)
  • painful impingement of tissues in the region of the shoulder joint (impingement syndrome, conservative, postoperative)

The forearm pouch of the medi SAS® 15 is easy to open for early functional follow-up treatment such as physiotherapy.

The wearer can put the medi SAS® 15 support on and take it off without assistance. Both the construction of the shoulder abduction cushion and the high-quality fastening mechanisms make the product easier to handle.

With its high-quality padding material and breathable textile mixture, the medi SAS® 15 ensures a pleasant comfort in wear all year round. Since the shoulder support is easy to modify, it can be worn on both the left and the right sides.

Product features
  • 15° abduction position to avoid adhesions to axillary recess (frozen shoulder)
  • Lateral positioning in 15° abduction to relieve the ventral limbus and the capsule
  • To avoid stiffening of the shoulder
Intended purpose

The medi SAS 15 is a shoulder joint support for immobilisation and stress relief.


For all indications which require immobilisation and stress relief of the shoulder joint in abduction, such as:

  • Following rotator cuff repair
  • Humeral head fractures (nonsurgical, postoperative)
  • After insertion of shoulder prosthesis
  • After stabilization of acromioclavicular joint dislocations
  • After biceps tenodesis
  • Impingement syndrome (nonsurgical, postoperative)
  • All indications which expressly require external rotation or internal rotation or abduction of more than 15°.

medi SAS® 15 shoulder abduction cushion - Instructions for medical staff
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