stable knee orthosis immobilize childrenstable knee orthosis immobilize children
stable knee orthosis immobilize childrenstable knee orthosis immobilize children

medi ROM Kidz

Children's knee brace for mobilisation
  • Easy setting of extension and flexion
  • High level of wearing comfort thanks to the trimmable pads
  • Good fit due to the individually adjustable straps
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Material components
Aluminum, PU foam, Cotton

medi ROM kidz universal knee brace with flexion and extension stops

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medi ROM Kidz is a knee brace for mobilisation, developed especially to meet children’s needs. It allows complete immobilisation of the knee as well as an early functional, step-by-step controlled mobilisation. Extension and flexion can be individually and easily adjusted on the universal splint. Furthermore, trimmable pads made of skin-friendly material provide a high level of wearing comfort. The individually adaptable straps guarantee a secure fit of the brace.

The medi ROM Kidz knee brace with hinge is used for indications requiring an early functional mobilisation of the knee joint with limitation of movement, such as:

  • Following ligament injuries (post-traumatic or postoperative)
  • Following meniscus injuries (post-traumatic or postoperative)
  • Following tendon injuries (post-traumatic or postoperative)

Extension and flexion limits can be set individually using the adjustment mechanism on the hinge of the medi ROM Kidz. The immobilisation of the knee joint can lead to pain reduction.

The wide straps with practical quick fasteners facilitate donning of the knee brace and make it easier for children to use. Especially designed for young patients, medi ROM Kidz convinces users with its perfect shape and a good fit. The brace is rounded off optically by its modern design and colour in denim design.

Product features
  • Collateral stabilisation of the knee joint
  • Postoperative immobilisation
  • Controlled mobilisation
Intended purpose

The medi ROM Kidz is a universal knee splint for mobilisation.


All indications which require early functional mobilisation and limitation of the range of motion of the knee joint, such as:

  • Following ligament injury (posttraumatic/post-operative)
  • Following meniscal injury (posttraumatic/post-operative)
  • Following tendon injury (posttraumatic/post-operative)
  • None known at present.

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