medi fresh

Cooling spray

  • Apply several times a day as required
  • Spray directly onto the stocking
  • With menthol for freshness

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medi fresh - Refreshing add-on for treatment with medical compression garments

medi fresh spray adds refreshment to compression treatment with medical compression garments. On hot days, simply spray the cooling spray onto the garment. This makes medi fresh spray a valuable add-on in the treatment of venous disorders - particularly in summer. The menthol in the spray immediately gives you that refreshing kick you can feel! 
Witch hazel gives an added health benefit: the active substance stabilises the tissue structure. With medi fresh in your bag, your legs stay fresh all day long, so you can relax and enjoy your day.


Product benefits

  • A cooling spray with menthol for a refreshing feeling 
  • Available as a 100 ml bottle


Material components

Menthol, horse chestnut, witch hazel


100 ml bottle

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