Orthosis shoulder joint stable slingOrthosis shoulder joint stable sling
Orthosis shoulder joint stable slingOrthosis shoulder joint stable sling

medi arm sling

Support for immobilisation in internal rotation
  • secure positioning of the shoulder in internal rotation
  • individually adjustable to all sizes
  • easy handling
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Cotton, Polyamide

medi arm sling for immobilisation of the shoulder in internal rotation

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The medi arm sling is a support for securely positioning the shoulder and the elbow in internal rotation. To put the medi arm sling on, the forearm is positioned in the arm pouch. The strap that runs over the shoulder stabilises the arm and restricts the movement of the shoulder. The support can be adjusted individually to the arm length by turning back the forearm pouch. The easy opening of the pouch facilitates early functional follow-up treatment, such as physiotherapy.

The shoulder support can be worn for as long as immobilisation of the shoulder joint in internal rotation is necessary. This is, for example, the case with conservative treatment after forward dislocation of the shoulder (anterior shoulder dislocation) or chronic anterior dislocation. The medi arm sling is also used:

  • after rotator cuff reconstruction
  • joint separation of the AC joint (conservative, postoperative)
  • to treat fractures of the shoulder blade (scapular fracture) - both conservative and postoperative
  • for conservative and postoperative treatment after a fracture of the head of the humerus

The shoulder support serves to immobilise and protect the joint against harmful movements. Shoulder mobility is limited in all three planes. Therefore, the medi arm sling offers the possibility of a secure immobilisation of the shoulder.

The support is easy to open for early functional follow-up treatment: exercises to promote the healing process are thus easier to perform.  Furthermore, the wearer can put on and take off the support without assistance. The skin friendly material ensures it is comfortable to wear. The high-quality cushion material on the strap considerably increases comfort in wear.

Product features
  • Relief of shoulder joint, humerus and elbow
  • Fixes the arm close to the body and therefore immobilises the shoulder
Intended purpose

The medi Armschlinge is a shoulder joint support for immobilising the shoulder in a defined position.


All indications which require immobilisation of the shoulder joint with internal rotation support, such as:

  • Conservative treatment for anterior dislocated shoulder / chronic anterior subluxation
  • Following rotator cuff repair
  • Separated shoulder (conservative, post-operative)
  • Scapular fracture (conservative, post-operative)
  • Proximal humeral head fracture (conservative, post-operative)
  • All indications which require abduction and/or external rotation.
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