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medi 3 C®

3-point hyperextension orthosis

  • Easy handling due to ratchet-closer
  • Skin-friendly and nickel-free
  • Adaption to body movements

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3-point hyperextension brace with ratchet-closer

medi 3 C is a hyperextension brace. The product is exclusively to be used for the orthotic fitting of the lumbar spine / thoracic spine and only on intact skin.


Product benefits

  • Extension of the spine (thoracolumbar junction)

Donning/fitting instructions

Fitting instructions:
Select the correct basic model according to the waist circumference. To determine the length of the sternal stick, measure the distance between the top of the pubic crest and the lower edge of the sternoclavicular joints.
Loosen the screws in the base plate to adjust the length of the brace. Fully extend the sternal pad and adjust the length between the upper and lower edges. Make sure that the waistband lies above the iliac crest.
Now adjust the symphysis and sternal rods. The reclination effect can be set to suit the individual patient.
Secure the dorsal pad in place and fit the waistband.
The sternal rod and the lateral extensions of the base plate can be shaped by hand to the patient’s body by bending slowly over your knee or the back of a chair. Round bending irons may be used. Do not bend the sternal rod in the radius of movement of the sternal pad. In the interest of safety remove the sternal pad from the sternal rod before bending.
Slide the sleeve nut into the opening to adjust the sternal pad and fasten with the screws. We recommend securing the screws in place with Loctite.
Check the position of the pads: in the hyperextended position the upper edge of the sternal pad is level with the lower edge of the sternoclavicular joints. The sternal contours can be shaped by hand. The lower edge of the symphysis pad is level with the pelvic crest. Bend the lower part of the pad outwards.
Please verify that all screws have been sufficiently tightened.
We recommend checking the function of the medi 3 C hyperextension orthosis the day after fitting and adjusting it if necessary.

Closing the ratchet fastener:
Attention: do not open the fastener covers beyond 180°.
Fold the covers of the two fasteners back and push the two ends of the belt forwards through the openings in the fasteners until the tips of the belt are visible at the front. The belt is tightened by opening and closing the fastener covers, and the patient can easily bring himself into the hyperextensionded position until the correct degree of hyperextension is reached. Both covers must then be closed. The ends of the belt can be trimmed to the desired length with scissors. When removing the brace it is helpful to open one of the fastener covers completely with the thumb, then the belt can be pulled out.
Caution: Do not close the fastener by force or beyond the pain trigger point. Normal breathing should be possible at all times!


Standard colours

Material components

Aluminum, Polyethylene, Cotton



Small oder large basic plate with normal sternal stick (27 cm)

Small oder large basic plate with short sternal stick (20 cm)

Medical specifications


  • Stable compression fractures of the middle and lower thoracic and lumbar vertebral bodies
  • Conservative therapy of inoperable vertebral body fractures in the lumbar and thoracic spine
  • Hyperkyphosis in Scheuermann’s disease
  • Temporary post-operative orthotic care


  • Unstable fractures of the thoracic / lumbar spine with and without neurological deficit

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