M.4s® PCL dynamic

Rigid orthosis for functional posterior cruciate ligament therapy

  • Support pad for correction and and stabilisation of the tibia position
  • Integrated tensioning dial for simple individual setting
  • Physiological hinge mimics roll-glide movement of the knee

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M.4®s PCL dynamic - knee orthosis for the posterior cruciate ligament

M.4®s PCL dynamic is a brace that supports early and dynamic therapy of posterior cruciate ligament injuries. The support pad at the calf holds the tibia in a physiologically correct position and relieves the injured structures. With the help of the integrated tensioning dial, the support pad can be adjusted easily to the individual needs. The special physioglide hinge mimics the roll-glide movement of the knee joint – for a secure fit on the leg. The range of movement is adjusted individually with the enclosed wedge set.

The knee orthosis M.4®s PCL dynamic is used when a physiological guidance and stabilisation of the knee joint and/or relief of the joint in at least two directions is necessary. This is, for example, the case after an injury of the posterior cruciate ligament. The brace can be used after an surgery (postoperative)  or if the treatment given is non-surgical (conservative).

The brace is characterised by its good fit. Not only the support pad of the M.4®s PCL dynamic adjusts automatically to the patient's leg, but the winged shape of the tibia pad also moulds itself to the anatomical shape of the shin bone - for a comfortable distribution of pressure.

The numbered straps on the product contribute to a safe handling. The extra-wide front thigh strap helps ensure a better distribution of pressure. The movable buckles also facilitate the proper fit on the user's leg.

The design of the hinge allows a wedge change to be made without tools.  A comprehensive wedge set is supplied with the M.4®s PCL dynamic. Hence, an individual and treatment-appropriate range of movement can be defined. An individual limitation of straightening (extension) and bending (flexion) can protect against damaging joint movements and thus relieve injured structures.

The flat and lightweight anatomically pre-moulded frame design is equipped with pads of anti-slip material for greater wearing comfort. A comprehensive pad set is supplied with the brace.


Product benefits

  • By actively exerting a force via the PCL protection pad the tibia is holding in the desired position
  • Safe collateral stabilisation by rigid frame
  • Extension and flexion limitation protects against damaging joint movements and relieves injured structures
  • Optimal imitation of knee movement by using patented physioglide Hinge Technology
  • Limitations:
  • extension limitation: 0°, 10°, 20°, 30°, 45°,
  • flexion limitation: 0°, 10°, 20°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°, 90°
  • immobilisation: 0°, 10°, 20°, 30°, 45°

Intended purpose

M.4s PCL dynamic is a brace with a frame that is intended to reinforce and stabilise the knee joint using limitation of extension and flexion.


Standard colours

Material components

Avional, Polyamide, PU, Polyester


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Medical specifications


All indications that require physiological stabilisation and reinforcement of the knee joint and/or stress relief of the joint in at least two planes, such as:

  • Following injury of the posterior cruciate ligament (conservative/ post-operative)


  • None known at present.

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