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M.4®s OA comfort

4-point knee brace for varus or valgus pressure relief and stabilisation

  • Pain reduction and recovery of mobility
  • Light weight frame and hinge construction
  • Reliable relief of the affected compartment

 Medical specifications

Knee brace for varus / valgus pressure relief

M.4s OA comfort is a varus / valgus offloading brace. The product is exclusively to be used for the orthotic fitting of the knee and only on intact skin.


Product benefits

  • Relief of the lateral or medial compartment using the 3-point principle

  • Pain relief by reducing weight-bearing on the affected side of the joint

  • Optimal stabilisation using 4-point principle

  • Safe collateral stabilisation by riged Frame

  • Extension and flexion limitation protects against damaging joint movements and relieves injured structures

How does it work?/Mode of action

This orthosis is intended to help you to reduce stress on your knee. The orthosis is used in both postoperative therapy and in conservative (non-operative treatment). It protects the leg from swerving outwards. Stress is reduced on the painful areas of the knee join and the orthesis brings a perceptible reduction in pain. Some patients only improve gradually.

Donning/fitting instructions

Open all the belts and pull the numbered end from the belt eyelets. Tip: To prevent the belt from getting stuck, it is advisable to close the  the hook and loop fastener in the attachment.
Sit on the edge of a chair and spread the orthosis over the affected leg. Slightly bend your leg. Place the brace in such a position that the wedges visible from the front are at the level of the upper edge of the kneecap. Please take care that the orthosis is not the wrong way round on your knee.
Now close the lowest belt on the front side and the top belt at the back. Press the joints gently backwards.
Now close the lower belt at the back of the thigh. Check that the belt is fitting properly. The lateral joints should be positioned slightly backwards (more exactly: behind the lateral middle line of the knee).
Now close the front upper lower leg belt, followed by the back lower leg belt and finally the front thigh belt and then the front thigh belt.
Take a few steps or bend your knee a few times to check the fit. If necessary, the belt can be readjusted in the same sequence to guarantee a good fit.
If you suffer excessive pain or discomfort during wear, please take off the product immediately and contact your doctor or specialized shop.


Standard colours

Material components

Avional, velours, polyester, PU-foam






Medical specifications


  • Serious medial or lateral gonarthrosis (at least grade III) in connection with compley ligament instability
  • Cartilage surgery/chondroplasty/ meniscus refixation/changeover osteotomy with necessary postoperative relief of the medial or lateral compartment
  • Stress fracture


  • Combined medial and lateral osteoarthritis

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