Lumbamed plus E+motion back orthoses from medi

Lumbamed® plus E⁺motion®

Performance back brace for sport, job and everyday life

  • Breathable Varioflex quartz pad with 3D profile
  • Hinged fasteners so that you can sit comfortably

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Lumbar support with integrated pad

The Lumbamed plus E+motion is a stabilising brace with pad that can support treatment in case of unspecific back pain, irritation and statomotoric-muscular dysbalance, for example. 
The compressive fabric helps to relieve the lumbar region while the Varioflex quartz pad creates a pleasant massage effect. The pad is breathable and can also be removed if necessary. Alongside the tried and trusted medical effect, the Lumbamed plus E+motion scores extra points with its exclusive features in a sporty look. The breathable fabric made from active fibre and merino fibre support the thermo-regulation in both summer and winter, adapting perfectly to movement and also giving the back extra stability for high stress during sport, job or everyday life. The extra-large comfort zone and the pressure-free cuff make the support particularly comfortable to wear - during sport, at work and in everyday life. The integrated hand loops and straps make it very easy to use.


Product benefits

  • Particularly high stability and even more freedom of movement at the same time
  • Ergonomic hand loops for easy donning and doffing
  • Massage effect thanks to breathable Varioflex quartz pad with 3D profile
  • More freedom of movement thanks to extra large comfort zone
  • Optimal breathability thanks to active fibre
  • Improved thermo-regulation thanks to merino fibre

How does it work?/Mode of action

Brace for stabilisation of the lumbar spine with back pad.


Standard colours

Material components




Medical specifications


All indications requiring stabilisation of the lumbar spine by pressure redistribution with a back pad, such as:

  • Lower back pain (lumbago)
  • Postural muscle imbalance in the lumbar spine


  • None

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