Levamed ankle supports from medi


Ankle support

  • Specially knitted comfort-zone over the instep
  • Integrated silicone pad
  • Pressure-free upper edge

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Ankle support with silicone cushions

Levamed is an ankle support with silicone pads. The product is exclusively to be used for the orthotic fitting of the ankle joint and only on unbroken skin.


Product benefits

  • Massage effect due to integrated silicone pads → reduction of swellings (oedema, hematomes)

  • Proprioceptive compression → Guidance and stabilisation of the joints

How does it work?/Mode of action

Levamed causes a massage effect, which supports perfusion, with interaction between the compressive knitted fabric and the two integrated silicon inlays. This effect reduces swelling and bruising. Irritation and pain are relieved. Muscular control and the stabilisation of the ankle joint improve.
Supports are particularly beneficial during physical exercise.

Donning/fitting instructions

Fold the top of the support over as far down as the silicone inlay.
Take hold off the support in the middle of the silicone inlays and pull it over the foot until the heel part fits tightly.
Unfold upper part of the support and pull it upwards, if necessary.
Ensure that the silicone inlays are correctly located either side of the ankle.
Initial application must be made under medical supervision.


Standard colours

Material components

Polyamide, polyester, elastane




Medical specifications


  • Sprains and distorsions, football player‘s ankle
  • Joint effusions and swellings due to arthritis and osteoarthritis
  • Chronic, postoperative and post-traumatic inflammation
  • Slight instability of the ankle joint


  • No side-effect is known which influences the whole body. However, if supports (or similar aids) are too tight, local pressure effects or constriction of blood vessels or nerves may occur in individuals. For this reason, under the following conditions and before applying the support, you should discuss this with your doctor:
  • Diseases or injuries of the skin in the area of use, especially with inflammatory symptoms (excessive warming, swelling or reddening)
  • Sensitivity and perfusion disorders of the legs or feet (e.g. in the case of diabetes)
  • Lymph outflow disorders, as well as unclear swellings of soft tissues, apart from the area of use
  • Any combination with other products (e.g. compression stockings) must be discussed in advance with the responsible doctor

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