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ROM deficit solutions

  • Optimised for comfort and compliance
  • Clinically proven with 20 years experience in the US healthcare system
  • 30 minutes for 3 times daily to achieve results

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Clinically proven ROM deficit therapy with high compliance

JAS GL devices allow patients total control in carrying out their ROM therapy. Because patients control the intensity of stretch, muscle guarding is virtually eliminated. During each 30-minute JAS session, patients continually adjust their device to pain-free positions of end-range stretch. Each position is held for 5 minutes to allow for tissue relaxation to occur, and is then advanced to a new position of stretch. Maximal Total End Range Time (TERT) is achieved for optimal therapeutic benefit.


Product benefits

  • Anatomically correct arc of motion delivers optimal stretch loads through entire ROM. Lightweight, easy to apply and simple to use promoting excellent patient compliance. Fulcrum positioned away from the joint to eliminate joint compression and pain. 30 minute treatment sessions dramatically reduce treatment time whilst ensuring patient complance. Patient-controlled to provide clinic-quality stretch in home setting.


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Knee, Ankle, Toe, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist and Finger

Medical specifications


  • Fixed flexure deformities and ROM deficit pathologies

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