Genumedi PT knee support

Genumedi® PT

Knee support

  • Precisely positioned pelottes
  • Silicone ring guides the patella
  • Individual pressure adjustment

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Knee support promotes muscular balance in cases of patellar lateralisation

Genumedi PT is a knee support for patellar guidance. The product is exclusively to be used for the orthotic fitting of the knee and only on unbroken skin.


Product benefits

  • Positive effect on the muscular structures that guide the patella to compensate for imbalance

  • Reduces muscle tone of vastus lateralis

  • Activates vastus medialis

  • Aterally reinforced silicone ring gently guides the patella for reliable movement in the femoral groove

  • Proprioceptive compression for reliable guidance and stabilisation of the joints

How does it work?/Mode of action

The compressive support promotes blood flow and, together with the integrated pad around the kneecap, creates a massaging effect that accelerates the reduction of swelling and bruising. The incorporated pad system lightly guides the kneecap. In addition, patella-guiding muscle structures in the thigh are positively influenced by the massage and the pressure of the pads, so that the guidance of the knee cap is improved. The strap can be used to individually adjust the pressure.
The support achieves the greatest effect during physical activity. Generally, the support can be worn all day. However, you should do so only if you are comfortable wearing the support. For long periods of rest (e.g. long sitting, car journeys, sleeping), the support should be removed.
If you suffer excessive pain or discomfort during wear, please take off the product immediately and contact your doctor or specialised shop.

Donning/fitting instructions

Open the strap. Then grasp the support with your thumbs on the upper end of the lateral nubbed bands.
Pull the support over the knee in such a way that the silicone ring covers the kneecap centrally and free of pressure.
Now close the strap and adjust the pressure according to your individual needs.
Then check again that the support fits comfortably.
To remove the support, open the strap, grasp the support on the lower lateral bars, and pull them down.
Please take care that trained staff instruct you when putting on the support for the first time.


Standard colours

Material components

Polyamide, polyester, elastane

Washing instructions

Velcro fasteners should be closed for washing. Fabric softeners, fats, oils, lotions, ointments and soap residues can affect the material, hinder the climate comfort effect and cause skin irritations.
Wash the product by hand, preferably using a medi clean detergent, or in delicate cycle at 30°C using a mild detergent without fabric conditioners.
Do not bleach.
Leave to dry naturally.
Do not iron.
Do not dry clean.






Medical specifications


  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome in cases of: muscular imbalance, patellar maltracking, patellar lateralisation, hypermobile patella
  • Post-operative treatment (patella stabilisation)


  • None

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