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Genumedi® pro

Knee brace for physiological guidance of the knee

  • Pain relief and dissipation of swelling
  • Stabilisation and relief of the joint
  • Secure fit and optimal anti-slip security

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Genumedi® pro brace for physiological guidance of the knee

Genumedi® pro is a knee support  to provide physiological guidance of the knee joint. Thanks to the integrated 3D silicone pad, pain can be relieved and swelling (oedema, haematomas) broken down more quickly. The intelligent interplay between the compressive knitted fabric, additional straps and the Easyglide hinge stabilises and relieves the joint. The double silicone dot coating ensures a secure fit and  optimal anti-slip security, even during sporting activities.

The Genumedi® pro support combines a comfortable wearing feeling with stability. The orthosis gives the knee joint the necessary freedom of movement for bending and straightening the knee. Therefore, the Genumedi® pro can be used for all indications  in which support of the physiological guidance of the knee joint is necessary, such as:

  • Mild to moderate instability of the knee joint
  • Osteoarthritis of the knee
  • Mild collateral ligament instabilities

The Easyglide hinges of the Genumedi® pro support facilitate the physiological roll / glide movement of the knee joint. The two wrap-around and individually adjustable straps over the thigh and lower leg ensure an extra secure fit. Thanks to the unique knitting technology, the brace does not cut into the skin (medi Soft border).

The Comfort Zone in the hollow of the knee ensures a pleasant wearing feeling. The open  enclosure around the patella (kneecap) provides noticeable pressure relief. Furthermore, the natural eucalyptus fibres of the Clima Comfort* technology support moisture management and are gentle to the skin. The integrated Clima Fresh function also acts to inhibit odour and is antibacterial. The standard variant of the brace is available in sizes one to seven. Sizes three to seven are now also available in extra wide. Patients with larger thigh circumferences of up to 61 cm can also be provided with a perfect fit with the Genumedi® pro knee support.

* Clima Comfort ensures a comfortable wearing feeling. Modern fibre technologies transport moisture quickly away from the skin surface and ensure high breathability.


Product benefits

  • Modern easyglide hinges stabilise and support the natural roll and glide motion of the knee joint    
  • Circular straps at the thigh and lower leg for a secure fit and improvement of wearing comfort.    
  • Integrated recessed grip at the upper edge of the orthosis to aid donning     
  • Silicone coating at the back of the thigh area helps to prevent migration

Intended purpose

Genumedi pro is a knee support brace without limitation of extension/ flexion.


Standard colours

Material components

Polyamide, polyester, elastane


Size chart Genumedi pro UK



Medical specifications


All indications in which support of the physiological guidance of the knee joint is necessary, such as:

  • Light and medium instabilities of the knee joint
  • Gonarthrosis
  • Mild collateral ligament instabilities


  • None known at present.

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