Circaid power added compression band edema

circaid power added compression band (pac band)

Compression garment for the foot

  • Extra compression for forefoot and ankle
  • Optimum combination with circaid juxtacures
  • Latex-free, skin-friendly material with antibacterial effect for comfort in wear

 Medical specifications

Customisable, adaptive compression garment for more compression of the foot.

The circaid pac band provides added compression of the foot around the forefoot and ankle. The possibility of trimming this foot option ensures the compression garment can be customised for the individual foot. It is recommended to always wear the circaid pac band in combination with a below-knee garment (e.g. circaid juxtacures). For compression of the whole foot, the circaid pac band should be worn over the circaid compressive sock.


Product benefits

  • Pleasant and comfortable to wear thanks to the active breathing material with its antibacterial effect

  • Easy to put on

  • Recommended in combination with a circaid below-knee garment (e.g. circaid juxtacures)

  • Can be trimmed individually to the patient's needs by the therapist or specialist dealer

  • Suitable for both the left and right feet


Standard colours

Material components

67% nylon, 23% polyurethane, 5% elastane, 5% polyethylene



Standard and large

Medical specifications


  • Lymphedema
  • Other forms of edema: venous, post traumatic, post surgical lipedema

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