Circaid Juxtacures Therapist donning


Compression Ulcer Recovery System

  • Simple donning and doffing
  • Removable for personal hygiene and skin care
  • Normal shoes can be worn

 Medical specifications

Self management of compression treatment for venous leg ulcers.

With the circaid juxtacures, you become your own therapist. Simple donning and doffing and the possibility of setting the correct compression range yourself, empowers you to personally shape and actively support your own treatment. This enables you to apply and remove the compression garment yourself, for example, for personal hygiene, and thus improve your quality of life without sacrificing any therapeutic efficacy.


Product benefits

  • Medically effective compression, palpably comfortable to wear

  • Simple donning and doffing

  • Improvement in quality of life: can be easily removed for personal hygiene and skin care

  • Promotes everyday mobility: patients are able to wear their own shoes

  • Patients are personally involved in shaping and sustaining their own treatment

  • Compression is simple to set and readjust using the circaid Built-In-Pressure System

  • Latex free, odour-inhibiting material with antibacterial effect


Standard colours


Lower leg short
Lower leg standard
Lower leg long

Medical specifications


  • CEAP C6, active venous leg ulcer


circaid® juxtacures® donning and doffing instructions

circaid® juxtacures® - Self-management in compression therapy of venous leg ulcer

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