Juxta-Fit armsleeve

Simple and effective inelastic containment

Juxta-Fit armsleeve from medi

Ideal for self-care. The perfect alternative to elastic sleeves.

The Juxta-Fit Armsleeve provides inelastic adjustable gradient compression. The comfortable design gives arm coverage from the wrist to underarm. It can be worn for day and night, allowing the patient to manage their lymphoedema while maintaining an independent lifestyle.

The Juxta-Fit Armsleeve can accommodate a 5% circumference increase and a 10% circumference reduction in the limb and still fit comfortably.


  • effective self-care
  • cool, light-weight, Breathe-O-Prene material
  • patented Juxta-Lock Band System for easy application
  • anti-odour SILVERtec lining
  • Comfort Cover-Up included
  • limited linear stretch material
  • dual use for day and night
  • machine washable
  • six month warranty

Juxta-Fit armsleeve and handwrap patient referral form

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    Juxta-Fit armsleeve and handwrap

Available in 6 sizes and 2 lengths

cG top of upper arm28-32 cm30-34 cm32-37 cm35-40 cm38-44 cm42-48 cm
cF mid upper arm26-30 cm28-32 cm30-35 cm33-38 cm36-41 cm39-45 cm
cE elbow25-28 cm27-30 cm29-32 cm31-34 cm33-36 cm36-40 cm
cD mid forearm23-26 cm25-28 cm27-30 cm29-32 cm31-34 cm33-37 cm
cC wrist15-17 cm17-19 cm19-21 cm21-23 cm23-25 cm25-28 cm

Lengths available (wrist to elbow):
Standard (up to 25 cm) & Long (over 25 cm)


Please watch our video about the medi circaid juxtafit essentials arm donning and doffing manual.