mediven® elegance closed toe

The sheer medical compression stocking

mediven elegance closed toe

The soft and attractive closed toe option

The yarn and knit used to manufacture mediven elegance produces a sheer stocking that is clinically effective in RAL compression classes 1 and 2.

Available as

  • Below knee
  • Thigh length with silicone topband
  • Thigh length extra wide with silicone topband
  • Tights
  • Colours: black and beige

Mode of action

The sheer medical compression stocking with a unique soft and supple fit. The stocking offers an ideal combination of medical efficacy, comfort and attractive appearance.


Our compression stockings benefit from Clima-Comfort technology which rapidly wicks moisture away from the surface of the skin and transports it to the outside. This also brings your patients:

  • elasticity
  • softness
  • durability

mediven® elegance sets new standards

  • the air-permeable fabric and the patent knit allow the skin to breath
  • hypo-allergenic materials minimise skin sensitivities
  • latex-free
  • softness: uncoated inlaid threads and multi-filament fibres ensures comfort
  • closed toe with a highly elastic foot size

medi have a range of aids to assist in the application and removal of compression hosiery, please ask for details.

Explanation of the compression classes

CCL 1Compression in mmHG 18 - 21
Compression in kPa 2.40 - 2.80
CCL 2Compression in mmHG 23 - 32
Compression in kPa 3.10 - 4.30