Compression ulcer recovery system

Instantly Adjustable Compression - "Compression for the 21st Century"

juxtacures - an alternative to bandaging - is an instantly adjustable system for the treatment of venous stasis ulcers. It is easy to use and comfortable to wear, and is designed to be effective for 6 months of daily use.

juxtacures has a built-in pressure system guide (BPS) that helps ensure that correct and consistent pressure (20, 30, 40 or 50 mmHg) is applied to the lower leg.

The BPS guide card can also promote self management by helping the patient to check the pressure level during the day. The juxtacures can be re-adjusted as required to maintain the pressure - you can't do that with bandages!


  • Improved healing rates
  • Can help to promote self management
  • Suitable for all venous leg ulcers
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • High levels of patient concordance
  • Guaranteed for six months of daily use
  • Allows use of normal footwear and wide range of motion at the ankle


  • Ankle circumference - max 42cm
  • Calf circumference - max 64cm
  • 3 lengths - short 28cm / standard 33cm / long 38cm

Product Codes

ProductProduct Code
juxtacures - ShortDT100/2
juxtacures - StandardDT100/3
juxtacures - LongDT100/4
Comfort Leg LinerDT100L
Comfort Compression Anklet - StdDT100SA
Comfort Compression Anklet - LargeDT100LA