duomed soft®

British standard

duomed soft from medi

Daily wear for gentle care

Graduated compression elastic hosiery in compliance with British Standard (BS 6612:1985)

  • Three compression classes (black in ccl1 & ccl2 only)
  • Below knee and full thigh length available in all classes
  • Open or closed toe
  • Machine washable
  • Latex free
  • Simple size selection (see chart below)
  • Colour: sand & black

UNIQUE FEATURES: The only British Standard elastic hosiery with

  • a silicone top band on the thigh length variant in ccl 1 and 2.
  • an Easy-On Slipper for the open toe version.

Size chart - wide range of off-the-shelf sizes (often no need for made-to-measure)

circumference in cmsSMLXLXXL
cG Thigh42-5748-6454-7160-7866-85
cC Calf28-3432-3836-4240-4644-50
cB Ankle19-2122-2425-2728-3031-34

Explanation of the compression classes

CCL 1Compression in mmHG 14 - 17
Compression in kPa 1.90 - 2.30
CCL 2Compression in mmHG 18 - 24
Compression in kPa 2.40 - 3.20
CCL 3Compression in mmHG 25 - 35
Compression in kPa 3.30 - 4.80

How to prescribe duomed soft British Class compression hosiery

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