Mondi Made to Measure

Tips For Ordering

Mondi Made to Measure - Tips For Ordering

How to order mondi made to meaure on FP10

mediven mondi made to measure is now available on FP10 in the following range of colours - caramel, beige, black, sand, navy, grey, aqua and medi magenta ... and at no extra cost!

We have made it simple to order and simple to measure.

mondi made to measure order form

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    mediven mondi made‐to‐measure on FP10/GP10 flat knit order form

Once you've downloaded your made-to-measure form

  • Ensure all relevant sections are completed, including patient name and number
  • Sections 1-3 & 5-7 plus 10 are mandatory fields
  • Sections 4, 8, 9 & 11 are optional
  • Attach to a prescription for "mediven mondi flat knit made-to-measure"
  • Note to Pharmacy: please advise us if invoice and delivery address are different

mediven mondi® product codes:

PRODUCT STYLE ccl 1 ccl 2 ccl 3
mondi below knee DTMK1 DTMK2 DTMK3
mondi thigh length DTMK1 DTMK2 DTMK3
mondi thigh length w/waist att DTMW1 DTMW2 DTMW3
mondi one legged panty DTMOP1 DTMOP2 DTMOP3
mondi tights n/a DTMTG2 DTMTG3

Add (if applicable)

Silicone Top BandDTTB
Closed ToeDTTOE

More information

mediven mondi information page link