Suitable for all venous disorders


For patients who cannot tolerate or apply compression garments

JuxtaliteTM - an instantly re-adjustable velcro device suitable for maintenance of all venous conditions and specifically for patients who

  • have healed leg ulcers or venous disease
  • cannot tolerate or apply compression garments
  • have fragile skin
  • have musculoskeletal disorders or have other comorbidities
  • experience problems with elastic compression

Using the Built-In Pressure System (BPSTM) it is safe and easy to apply the recommended amount of compression (from 20-50 mmHg) as prescribed for the individual.


To access the correct size, measure the circumference at the ankle (b) and the widest point of the calf (c) and the length from ankle to knee.

  • Ankle circumference - max 42cm
  • Calf circumference - max 64cm
  • 2 lengths - short 28cm / long 33cm

Product Codes

ProductProduct Code
Juxtalite - ShortDT301
Juxtalite - LongDT300
Comfort linerDT100L
Comfort Compression Anklet - StdDT100SA
Comfort Compression Anklet - LargeDT100LA
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