Suitable for all venous disorders


For patients who cannot tolerate or apply compression garments

JuxtaliteTM - an instantly re-adjustable velcro device suitable for maintenance of all venous conditions and specifically for patients who

  • have healed leg ulcers or venous disease
  • cannot tolerate or apply compression garments
  • have fragile skin
  • have musculoskeletal disorders or have other comorbidities
  • experience problems with elastic compression

Using the Built-In Pressure System (BPSTM) it is safe and easy to apply the recommended amount of compression (from 20-50 mmHg) as prescribed for the individual.

Juxtalite from medi


Pack contains

  • 1 x Juxtalite
  • 1 x BPS (Built-In Pressure System)
  • 2 x Comfort liners
  • 2 x Comfort compression anklets


To access the correct size, measure the circumference at the ankle (b) and the widest point of the calf (c) and the length from ankle to knee.

  • Ankle circumference - max 42cm
  • Calf circumference - max 64cm
  • 2 lengths - short 28cm / long 33cm

Product Codes

ProductProduct Code
Juxtalite - ShortDT301
Juxtalite - LongDT300
Comfort linerDT100L
Comfort Compression Anklet - StdDT100SA
Comfort Compression Anklet - LargeDT100LA
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