CPD accredited courses by medi UK

What you need to know ...

CPD accredited courses by medi UK

What is CPD?

Continuing professional development (CPD) is a term that reflects an individual's desire to engage in lifelong learning. Commitment to lifelong learning is essential to ensure that you maximise your individual development and in turn provide optimum care for your patients.

Within healthcare, changes are continuously occurring as medical enhancements and developments take place. In order to maintain and update clinical skills in line within an ever developing environment CPD is essential to ensure that new skills are learnt and you are confident completing these new skills. As well as improving your confidence, CPD will support you in demonstrating your competence to complete existing and new skills safely - this can be vital in providing evidence for your appraisal and to professional bodies to demonstrate the learning that you have undertaken and implemented within your role.

Within medi UK we are committed to supporting you in continuing your professional development and therefore have developed a learning package that is CPD accredited.

CPD Accreditation - Why? The Benefits ...

CPD Accreditation

CPD accreditation

Obtaining CPD accreditation means that our training has been assessed and scrutinised to ensure it is of the highest quality and integrity. medi UK recognises the importance of CPD and how this can benefit both your personal development and ultimately the care that your patients receive.

medi UK want to ensure that we offer you the best training possible in order to help support you and your patients, hence we have strived to achieve CPD accreditation for our training.

The Courses

  • Compression Masterclass - This training course will cover fabric considerations, CEAP classification, venous disease & leg ulceration, chronic oedema & lymphoedema, compression wraps and made-to-measure made easy.
  • Made-to-Measure Masterclass - Covering top tips and technique for flat knit hosiery showing you how made-to-measure can be made easy. Plus complex situations and possible solutions.
  • Tailor-made Courses - medi UK recognises that you may have specific clinical requirements. We are willing to tailor a course to you and your team's needs.

For more information, please email us CPD@mediuk.co.uk