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Partaking in sports is a great fun way to keep fit, however it doesn't come without a certain level of risk of injury. Most sports injuries affect either the knee, elbow or the ankle joint, although other parts of the body may suffer strains, sprains or breaks too. medi sports orthoses support muscles and joints during physical activity and sports which can help to prevent injury. In order to assist the healing process, medi offers eye-catching ankle, elbow and knee supports for you to wear during your activities.

CEP - Sportswear

Before, during and after sport - CEP is the perfect partner. The intelligent sportswear. CEP compression sportswear is the product of unique compression expertise: six decades of research and development into the effects of compression have been channelled into the CEP range.  The highly sophisticated medi knitting technology enables the compression thread to be integrated with precision into the tubular fabric.

The result:  a physiologically perfect pressure profile for enhanced performance, more endurance and faster regeneration. The CEP Products:

  • Socks
  • Sleeves
  • Apparel

For running, cycling, winter sports, outdoor/hiking, team sports, triathlon, etc.

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