Genumedi pro

The new knee support from medi

Genumedi pro knee support from medi

medi has expanded its range of knee supports

The new knee support Genumedi pro is used to treat minor to moderate instability of the knee joint, osteoarthritis of the knee, minor meniscus injuries and instability of the collateral ligaments specifically in line with the indications.

Knee support for stabilisation

Genumedi pro stabilises and reinforces physiological guidance of the knee joint. The new knee support relieves pain, promotes the healing process and helps patients to get back on their feet.

Swelling, bruising and oedema that may also develop after minimally-invasive surgical procedures (for example, arthroscopy) go down more quickly. The compressive knit and the integrated patella silicone ring ensure a strong massage effect. Thus Genumedi pro promotes the circulation and has positive effects on proprioception.

The lateral Easyglide hinges relieve strain on the knee and enhance its physiological roll / glide movement. Two circular anatomical straps at the upper and lower borders together with the silicone dot coating at the upper border of the support provide additional security of hold.

The soft Comfort Zone in the hollow of the knee ensures a comfortable fit. The breathable knit with its Clima Comfort function transports moisture quickly to the outside of the support. The antibacterial effect – Clima Fresh – prevents colonisation of the knitted fabric by bacteria and micro-organisms. The functional material properties and the comfortable features motivate users to enjoy wearing the device regularly.

medi's knee range offers further solutions for structural injuries and indications that require stronger stabilisation. For instance, the Stabimed pro or Collamed soft braces.

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