Genumedi® PSS

For patellar tendinopathy

New Genumedi PSS knee support

medi expands its range of supports

The Genumedi PSS is the latest model in medi's knee support range.

The support is ideally used for the treatment of patella tip syndrome (jumper's knee, runner's knee) or Osgood-Schlatter disease.

Targeted training of the patellar tendon

Studies have shown that regular knee bending exercises on a 25° decline board have positive effects in conservative treatment of patella tip syndrome.1

The exercises are done as a lunge on a 25° decline board.

Training instructions are included in every product pack. These training instructions will show you how to strengthen your patellar ligament in the long term with lunge knee bending exercises – to regain your fitness sooner.

Product details

Patella strap to regulate pressure on the patellar ligament; no constriction due to the offset strap configuration

Pad system: patellar pad with innovative 3D profile for safe and reliable guidance of the kneecap, and tendon pad with silicone dots to stimulate the patellar ligament

Non-slip for a secure, non-migrating fit of the support – ideal during sports (non-slip)

Comfort zone for a comfortable fit over the sensitive hollow of the knee – also during sports (avoiding constriction of the soft tissues)

Genumedi® PSS knee support: the innovative solution for patella tip syndrome

The Genumedi PSS is a new knee support for conservative treatment of knee pain caused by patella tip syndrome (jumper's knee). The knee support with its integrated patellar tendon strap relieves tension on the insertions of the patellar ligament to relieve pain at the tip of the kneecap.

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