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Circaid Juxtalite Foot Option

Compression garments for individual needs

medi now offers the most comprehensive line of compression garments for all individual needs.

Circaid juxtafit Built-In pressure system compression edema


The instantly adjustable velcro device for treatment of lymphoedema / chronic oedema and venous diease.

All juxta devices come with a Built-In Pressure System (BPS) card to ensure correct and constant, safe, measurable compression. Patients have the ability to adjust their devices themselves and are able to enjoy much more mobility compared to bandages.


Styles available for juxtafit (for lymphoedema / chronic oedema) -

  • below knee and single band foot wrap
  • thigh length and knee piece
  • range of foot options
  • armsleeve and hand wrap

Styles available for juxtacures (for treatment of venous leg ulcers) and juxtalite (for prevention of recurrence) - 

  • below knee

Using juxta products and mediven garments, medi offers treatment solutions for venous disease and oedema therapy. Our wide product range compromising different colours as well as varied styles, fits to all patient needs for well-being, effective therapy and therefore an increased patient compliance.

The manufacturer of juxtafit, juxtacures and juxtalite is Circaid Medical Products Inc. (USA). In an unlikely event of an incident or questions to product liability, please contact medi UK, Plough Lane, Hereford, HR4 0EL, who is the authorised representative for the UK.

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