Clima Comfort

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Clima Comfort

Clima Comfort in medi products

Clima Comfort technology is used in our compression stockings and soft supports.

Clima Comfort for compression stockings

Clima Comfort ensures comfort during wear. The technology is based on a unique yarn which is enclosed in a variety of functional materials. These fibres rapidly wick moisture away from the surface of the skin and transport it to the outside.

This prevents an unpleasant feeling of dampness in the event of perspiration. The fabric is also particularly breathable. This ensures the best possible supply of oxygen to the skin which prevents it from drying out.

Clima Comfort for soft supports and braces

The unique knitting technique used ensures that skin stays comfortable and dry. Moisture is quickly absorbed on the inside and transported to the outside to evaporate. At the same time, the active breathing structure of the material guarantees the necessary supply of oxygen.

The result: Patients do not break into a sweat when wearing their supports and they find them comfortable to wear – even in summer.