Compression garments for the treatment of lipoedema and lymphoedema

Compression garments for treating oedema

Compression garments for the treatment of lipoedema and lymphoedema

Compression garments from medi for the treatment of oedema

Instantly adjustable inelastic compression devices, such as juxtafit, is a cost effective alternative to bandaging for the control of lymphoedema.

Flat knit garments enhance lymph movement into initial lymphatics and along lymph vessels. They are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes offering fresh new colours without compromising lymphoedema treatment. Compression garments are worn for lipoedema to slow down or even stop progression of the oedema.

Use of compression garments in the treatment of lymphoedema / chronic oedema

Lymphoedema is caused by the accumulation of fluids that leak out of the vascular system into the tissues. There are 2 types of lymphoedema -

Primary lymphoedema - If the lymphatic system is defective from birth the condition is known as Milroy's Disease. There may be too few, too many or defective lymph vessels/nodes. The problem is not always apparent at birth and it may develop some years later.

Secondary lymphoedema - The lymph vessels and nodes are normal at birth but they become damaged. The common causes of damage are -

Chronic oedema - This is a swelling that lasts for longer than 3 months and fails to resolve. It can be caused by -

Compression is essentially for you to help manage your lymphoedema and chronic oedema effectively. The aim of compression is to move the build-up of lymph fluid so your swelling reduces and to enhance the muscle pump effect - as you contract and relax your muscles, this moves the lymph fluid. Wearing compression enhances this muscle pump effect further helping to reduce your swelling. Compression can also improve the shape of your limb and protect the skin - making you less likely to develop cellulitis, thus making your limb feel more comfortable.

Your clinician will prescribe compression garments for treating lymphodema and lipoedema. Since the treatment of chronic oedema is highly individual, the garments are mostly made-to-measure.

medi compression garments for the treatment of oedema are known for their comfort and durability: only the highest quality breathable materials are used. You can choose from various modern colours and patterns too.