Medical compression garments

Disease-modifying treatment for vein disease, lip- and lymphoedema and for thrombosis prophylaxis

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Which compression stocking is the right one for me?

Conservative treatment of venous disease is aimed at improving the condition by means of compression and exercise therapy. Compression hosiery presses the distended veins together so that the venous valves can close again, thus preventing the blood from flowing in the wrong direction - namely away from the heart.

Compression therapy plays an important part in the treatment of lymphoedema. With the correct fitting garment, the pressure within the tissues increases, encouraging lymph to redistribute and drain. Compression garments are an essential part of ongoing care and must always be worn to ensure reductions in limb volume are maintained.

The ideal compression garment

Compression stockings are available in four different RAL compression classes and three different British Standard compression classes. Styles vary from below knee, thigh length to tights. There are also styles particularly for men and for pregnant women. Wearing a correctly fitted stocking has an immediately noticeable relieving effect and is a real treat for the legs.

An elegant compression garment is a joy to wear

Gone are the days where compression stockings are referred to as ugly and uncomfortable. mediven compression stockings come in a variety of fabrics, styles and sheens and look like regular hosiery.

We also offer a variety of donning and doffing aids to make compression garments easier to put on and take off.