Patients are often reluctant to wear compression stockings during summer as they are worried about over heating and unnecessary sweating


What helps to prevent sweating with compression stockings?

Consistent compression treatment (wearing of compression hosiery) is particularly important in summer, because veins become even more distended above a temperature of 23 degrees and so worsen the clinical picture. By choosing the right compression garment, this problem can be solved.

Products from medi

Clima Comfort in mediven compression garments prevents the build-up of heat under the garment and ensures that moisture is rapidly transported to the outside of the garment. Special skincare products from medi provide additional help. The medi day gel applied to the skin first thing in the morning makes it feel cool and refreshed. For a cooling effect during the day, the medi fresh spray can be sprayed directly onto the stocking.

Do compression stockings dry out the skin?

The outermost layer of skin in patients with venous disease is often undernourished and in need of moisturising. Flakes of skin accumulate in the stocking fabric and can be seen when the stocking is taken off. This is the time to soothe the skin with medi night cream.