Problems with the topband of compression garments

If the topband of your compression stocking rolls over, there could be several reasons as to why this is happening. One could be that it may be the wrong circumference for your thigh.

Problems with the topband of compression garments

The topband keeps rolling over – what can I do?

Perhaps the topband is stretched too much or it no longer fits.

When buying standard off-the-shelf sizes, it is important to note the topband circumference regular or extra wide.

Another possibility could be the length of the compression stocking. Make sure you don't pull the stockings up too far when you put them on.

The distance between the upper border of the topband and the fold of your bottom cheek should be at least two fingers' width. Otherwise your bottom presses down on the topband which can then roll or fold over.

Please contact your clinician if you feelthat your topband no longer fits or holds the stocking up properly. They can recheck the circumference and length to see if they are correct.

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