Donning compression garments without donning aids


Donning compression garments without donning aids

Tips and tricks

Here are our tips on donning compression garments properly without donning aids.

Avoid overstretching the material when putting on the stocking; otherwise it will not fit your leg properly.

If you have any problems, ask your clinician to show you how to put on your compression garment. Your clinician will practice it with you.

Donning a medical compression stocking with a closed toe

How to put on a medical compression stocking with a closed toe. In this video, you will get valuable instructions on how easily it works.

Step 1

Reach into the compression garment and grasp the heel.

Step 2

Turn the compression garment inside out to the heel.

Step 3

Slide your foot in and pull the compression garment up over the foot to the heel.

Step 4

Gather the material at the middle of the foot in your hands.

Step 5

Pull the fabric up over your heel (this is the trickiest bit as this is where most of the compression sits, at the ankle).

Step 6

Top tip would be to use rubber gloves as it grips the fabric.

Step 7

Pull the fabric evenly up over your calf, smoothing it out as you go up.

Step 8

If you are wearing below knee style, make sure the cuff sits 2 fingers below the crease at the back of the knee and that the fabric is evenly smoothed out over your ankle and calf.

If you are wearing thigh length or tights, hold the fabric again and pull it up over your knee and smooth out the fabric until your stockings or tights feel snug and comfortable. If you have them on correctly, they will feel like a second skin.

Step 9

Check that the whole compression garment fits properly, paying particular attention to behind the knee and at the ankle. Rubber gloves will easily help you to smooth out your compression garment.

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