The big switch!

Patient feedback

Patient feedback

Patient & Clinician feedback after switching from conventional bandaging to juxtacures

  • "Don't take it away from me, my life has changed for the better with it (juxtacures)"
  • "I've started to lose weight due to feeling more positive about my life". Nurses had been mopping up legs for 18 months.
  • "I really like it, it looks good and is really comfortable"
  • "So within 3 hours of fitting, patient had read information, had a look at the juxtacures and rang for permission to remove it to have a shower and replace it again as he hadn't been able to shower for 6 months. He is now totally self-caring and can shower every day and replace his (juxta)cures. Had wound for years"
  • "Not as bulky on the feet, so able to wear normal shoes"
  • "Patient had wound for 20 months and is really comfortable and happy with treatment. I am amazed that it's already showing signs of healing in such a short space of time"
  • "Absolutely brilliant!"
  • Attending health care professional - "This is the most exciting thing I have seen. I have yet to be trained in compression bandaging, this makes it really easy!"
  • "Patient happy to self-care with wife and return to Practice Nurse"
  • "This is marvelous - I feel quite choked with emotion"
  • "Now feel able to walk down to communal dinner for my meals"
  • "I can now get into proper clothes rather than staying in my pyjamas. Very pleased with the way it's going"
  • "Patient was able to get his own shoes on for the 1st time since Oct 14. I wish I could have recorded Mr H's reaction to getting his shoes on. He was so excited and shouted 'WHOOPEE, I can go and visit my son tonight'. He then asked if the door could be left on the latch so he could take a stroll around the garden. Since then he has arranged for the garage to come and get his car started so he can get out and do his own shopping again, relieving his son and daughter-in-law"
  • "Find it very comfortable, unlike the bandages, as it holds up better than bandages. Legs now feel lovely"
  • "Nicer than bandages"
  • "This garment feels better"

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