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Wound Care Treatment of venous leg ulcers

Wound care - Wound care

UCS debridement

UCS Debridement is a pre-moistened cloth with a unique fluid combination to ensure the following

  • deep cleaning of all wounds
  • safe, effective and gentle debridement
  • general skin and foot care

UCS debridement is unique, convenient and safe and will optimise the condition of the wound bed and surrounding skin prior to application of compression.

Realising the potential of juxta - simple, yet versatile

Following cleaning and debridement of a wound, compression and maintaining the desired mmHg on a limb is essential to ensure oedema is reduced and consequently venous leg ulcers heal. Maintaining the desired mmHg is often seen as a challenge in the care of leg ulcers. However, with both juxtacures and juxtalite, the ability to instantly adjust the compression device to a desired and measurable mmHg through the Built-In Pressure System (BPS) allows oedema to be chased down effectively and safely.


For patients with oedema and a venous leg ulcer, then juxtacures would be the optimum compression device. The juxtacures has an adjustable spine, allowing the clinician to fit the garment specifically to the patient's limb shape and consequently adjust the size of the garment in line with oedema reduction.


juxtalite is a sized garment. Each sized garment has a specific and set range of ankle and calf circumferences that it accommodates. The juxtalite is designed for patients who have a venous leg ulcer and no oedema or who have a healed leg ulcer and require compression to prevent occurrence rather than being maintained in bandaging. Also ideal for patients who are unable to tolerate or don and doff compression hosiery independently.

UCS™ Debridement

UCS™ Debridement

A Unique, Convenient and Safe system of caring for wounds and the skin


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Wound treatment

Wound debridement of venous leg ulcers

Wound debridement

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