Drug tariff - FP10/GP10 - Prescription

We have a comprehensive range of products which are now available on prescription

Drug tariff

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medi hosiery on prescription. Our comprehensive range of compression garments is now available on prescription

We have supplied quality garments to hospitals for many years – now we are ensuring that the best treatment can continue into the community by making an extensive product range available on FP10/GP10.

RAL standard on prescription

There is now a category in the Drug Tariff for compression garments for Lymphoedema. This includes mediven harmony armsleeves and a range of mediven stockings which are manufactured to the RAL standard.

What's different?

While still being called class 1, 2 and 3, mediven leg garments are of higher compression value than those previously available on FP10 for vascular conditions and are quality tested to the more demanding RAL standard. Prescribers need to be aware of this variance in order to treat the patient appropriately for their condition. The compression gradient is different to that of the British or French Standard compression hosiery in order to produce the therapeutic effects required in the treatment of lymphoedema and some vascular conditions. The RAL standard requires frequent stringent testing by the Hohenstein Institute and is the gold standard for compression garments. A European Standard was considered but then discarded in 2002 as there was no testing protocol in place.

What does this mean in practice?

Measuring and fitting these garments is as simple as with previous garments. The garments have an expected lifespan of 6 months of normal daily use and can be washed on a gentle machine wash cycle. Patients are usually supplied with two garments per limb, one to wash and one to wear. Patients would normally be reviewed by the prescriber or lymphoedema specialist every 6 months, however significant changes in patient condition, weight loss or weight gain may shorten this period.

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