E⁺motion supports

Sport, functionality and lifestyle in a single support

  • E+motion is the new soft support collection from medi – inspired by our CEP sportswear range.
  • It combines the collective expertise from two worlds (medi medical and medi sports) to form an amazing soft support collection.
  • Over 60 years' experience in the development of compressive premium products meets the sporty design of CEP. This has culminated in a medical device and a lifestyle product in one, which combines medical efficacy with exclusive features in a sporty look.
  • For all those who expect more from a medical device.

Fit again in no time with the E⁺motion supports

The pad's special 3D profile has been developed in collaboration with medi's lymphology experts. The structured surface exerts higher pressure on selected parts of the tissues, which, in combination with dosed compression, results in gentle drainage. This stimulates the micro-circulation and improves the return transport of accumulated tissue fluids.

E+motion supports help you return to the sports you love.

What happens during an injury?

Injuries can lead to joint instability as well as to swelling and joint effusion or even irritative conditions. This throws the whole body off balance. With their compressive fabric, medi supports promote the healing process and ensure that users are soon back on their feet and moving around again. The proprioceptive effect stabilises and relieves stresses on the joint as well as easing pain.

Massage effect

The integrated silicone quartz pad exerts a soothing massage effect whenever you move. It also stimulates circulation to the tissues. This enables the body to reduce swelling and oedema more efficiently and boosts the healing process.

World of Compression

A strong brand. A wide-ranging product range. Holistic concepts. medi's World of Compression: a signpost to the future with 65 years' competence in the field of compression. Your partner for the highest demands on quality, innovation and design. 

Products from medi

Genumedi ®  E+motion
  • Easy to don and doff
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Helps to reduce swelling
£ 44.99
Lumbamed ®  plus E+motion
  • Easy donning with hand loops
  • Integrated massage pad
  • Contains natural Merino wool
£ 79.99
Epicomed E+motion
  • Vibrant sporty design
  • Comfort zones
  • Individual pressure adjustment
£ 44.99
Levamed E+motion
  • Super thin durable material
  • Donning aid included
  • Comfort cuff
£ 44.99