medi textile gloves
donning aid

  • Skin friendly material
  • Lightweight
  • Provides a better grip
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medi textile gloves have been designed with compression stockings and armsleeves in mind. The innovative material enables a better grip to the fabric to aid with donning and smoothing out of the compressive material so that it is distributed and positioned correctly on the limb.


  • Provides better grip
  • For flat knit and round knit compression garments
  • Latex free and dermatologically tested
Material Composition
Polyester,natural rubber
I was a bit disappointed with these gloves. The fit is pretty good, with a snug wristband that helps stop them slipping off, but the fingers (especially the thumb) are a little long even on the small size. They are nicely grippy and the grippy surface covers the whole of the fingertips. Unfortunately, it is quite stiff which - especially combined with the thumb length - makes it hard to adjust the top band of my compression garments while wearing them. The stiffness might improve over time, but they're too awkward to use right now so I shan't find out.

I really wanted to like these, but the fit, stiffness and price all mean I'll be sticking with the other gloves I've been using.

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