medi PT Control knee brace

  • Guidance and stabilisation
  • Firm grip on the knee
  • High wearing comfort


medi PT control® helps to guide and stabilise movement of the patella. The physioglide hinge on the brace mimics the roll-glide movement of the knee and ensures a secure fit on the leg. In combination with the compressive medi Airtex+ material, the product convinces with high wearing comfort.

With the patella guidance clamp, the medi PT control®secures patellar movement and counteracts lateralisation of the patella.Straightening (extension) and bending (flexion) of the knee can be set within certain limits. The knee brace is used for all indications, in which a correction and/or relief and protection of patellatracking in defined range of motion is necessary. This is the case for conservative or postoperative treatment after luxation of the patella and in patellofemoral pain syndrome. It is also advisable to wear medi PT control® for lateral malalignment and associated instability of the knee. medi PT control® can also be used after retropatellar cartilage surgery.

Thanks to the silicone dot coating, medi PT control® ensures a reliable and comfortable fit on the leg. The breathable medi Airtex+ material has a thermoregulatory action and thus convinces with wearing comfort. The wearing feeling is rounded off by the high-quality netting in the region of the hollow of the knee. The compressive medi Airtex+ material of the medi PT control® can improve the proprioception. This can, in turn, support the body in guiding and stabilising the joints.

A special benefit of the knee brace: the comprehensive wedge set for adjusting the extension and flexion limitation of the medi PT control® allows a flexible adaptation of the range of movement during treatment. The wedges in the hinge construction can be replaced without tools.

The medi PT control® knee brace is available in two variants, a slip-in version and a wrap version. Handling is very simple: the slip-in variant of the product is simply pulled over the knee. The wrap variant makes it possible to put on the brace without bending the knee. Thus the patella dislocation brace is suitable for the widest range of users and reliably secures patellar movement.

Product benefits:

  • Guidance and stabilisation of patellar movement by patella guidance clamp which adjust during knee motion. This counteracts lateralisation of the patella.
  • Silicone dot coating supports secure fit on the leg
  • High level of comfort due to the medi Airtex+ material with intelligent thermoregulation
  • Pleasant to wear, high level of breathability due to net-material at the hollow of the knee
  • The physioglide hinge mimics the roll-glide movement of the knee and supports secure fit on the leg.
  • Comprehensive set of wedges for flexible extension and flexion limitation
  • Easy handling: Wrap version enables to don the brace without bending the knee
  • Available as a slip in or wrap version


  • Extension: 0°, 10°, 20°, 30°, 45°
  • Flexion: 0°, 10°, 20°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°, 90°
  • Immobilisation:0°, 10°, 20°, 30°, 45°

Intended purpose:

medi PT control is a brace with adjustable hinges for correction and control of patellar tracking.

Size Chart

Material Composition

PU foam, Avional, Elastane, Polyamide


medi airtex+

The elastic spacer fabric is the combination of medical compression and the textile effects SMART TEMP and FRESH TECH. The adaptive thermo regulation of SMART TEMP is based on an innovative polymere that changes its properties in response to temperature: At low temperature the polymere binds moisture in its structur keeping the body drier. At high temperature it releases the stored moisture and cools the textile and skin. The antibacterial effect of FRESH TECH guarantees deep optimal hygienic conditions – even after long term use.

Washing Instructions

Do not iron Hand wash Do not bleach No drier Do not dry clean Wash 30
Do not iron Can be washed by hand at 30 degrees. Do not bleach Do not tumble dry Do not dry clean Wash 30


All indications that require correction and/or load relief and reinforcement of correct patellar tracking within a defined range of motion, such as:

  • Patella luxation (conservative/ operative)
  • Patellofemoral pain syndrom
  • Lateral malalignement with knee instability
  • Retropatellar cartilage surgey

Contra Indications

None known at present


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