medi ROM kidz
knee splint

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Controlled mobilisation
  • Fun bright colour
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The paediatric medi ROM kidz knee splint is a universal knee splint with flexion/extension limitation and options for immoblisation. The medi ROM kidz knee splint can be precisely adjusted for a custom fit.


  • Collateral stabilisation of the knee joint
  • Post-operative immobilisation
  • Controlled immobilisation
  • Available in 2 sizes of brace length
  • Bright, fun colours that children will want to wear
Material Composition
Aluminum, PU foam, Cotton
Washing Instruction

Can be washed by hand at 30 degrees.

Quality Standard
  • Post-operative immobilisation
  • For immobilisation after knee injuries and for later mobilisation
  • For secure stabilisation of injured or operated collateral and/or cruciate ligaments
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