Epico ROM kidz
elbow orthosis

  • Controlled flexion/extension
  • Adjusted for custom fit
  • Lightweight bi-lateral hinges
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The paediatric Epico ROM Kidz elbow orthosis has lightweight bi-lateral stainless steel hinges which can provide increased flexion/extension elbow control from 0-120 degrees with a press of a button - adjustable in steps of 10 degrees. The arm can be precisely adjusted for a custom fit.


  • Orthoses for individual early functional treatment.
  • Serves to immobilise the elbow joint by fixation of areas of the upper arm and lower arm.
  • Movement is limited to 0-120 degrees in the joint to guarantee movement flexibility appropriate to the stage by early mobilisation - this enhances joint mobility and accelerates healing.
  • Left and right variants available.
Washing Instruction

Can be washed by hand at 30 degrees.

Quality Standard
  • Conservative care of elbow instabilities, with or without other injuries
  • Orthotic care for medial or lateral epicondyle fractures
  • Postoperative care after prosthesis implantation
  • Postoperative care after elbow stabilisation
  • Functional follow-up treatment for stable fractures
  • Passive mobilisation after elbow arthrolysis
  • Postoperative care of elbow ligament instabilities
  • If the belts are fastened too tightly, this may cause lymphatic congestion. For this reason, the belt bands should be frequently opened.
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