Coloured compression stockings in oedema treatment

Inspiring mediven flat knit range: colourful and fashionable compression stockings

Two new fresh colours and an extra pattern to choose from for the fashion elements

The “flower” pattern is the winning design from our creative competition in Germany. It was designed by oedema patient Ursula Thomé.

Numerous colour pattern ideas were submitted by compression wearers. Pastel shades were the clear winner. Wearers are now able to combine the two new fresh colours pink and lilac with the fashion elements to suit their wardrobes.

Fashionable compression stockings

medi’s flat knit stockings make the treatment of oedema even more unique by giving patients self-confidence: beautiful colours and sophisticated patterns ensure that the majority of wishes are fulfilled.

Those among us who want to deal with their condition and embrace their body in a strong, confident manner, want to wear products that make this possible. This is why, within our flat knit range, medi places great importance on an attractive appearance and by offering wide selection, in addition to the practical function of the hosiery.

Colours and patterns in oedema treatment with compression stockings

With four patterns and four colours, you can benefit from 16 ways to mix and match. The variety of colours and styles ensures that you’ll have a suitable stocking for virtually any occasion.

What’s more, mediven compression stockings can also be finished with exclusive Swarovski® crystals** on request. The crystals are positioned on the ankle of the stockings, and on the upper arm or forearm of mediven armsleeves.

** Swarovski® is a registered trademark of Swarovski AG.

The new “Flower” motif by Ursula Thomé

Over 160 entries we received, and they totally inspired the jury. The many ideas showed a clear trend: a floral pattern. The jury were “spoilt for choice” in the truest sense of the word and chose the motif created by Ursula Thomé.

Playful and at the same time modern

"With the Ornaments pattern, the outfit looks very feminine and natural – a radiant highlight for a chic dinner or a cosy chat with friends". 
(Caroline Sprott, oedema patient and fashion blogger)

So romantic

“This beautiful flower tendril gives the finishing touch to your outfit and looks very elegant on your leg.”
(Caroline Sprott, oedema patient and fashion blogger)

Soft and feminine

“Pink is a feel-good colour for all year round. In the spring or summer combined with white or floral patterns, it looks very light, but in autumn and winter, it gives grey and dark blue a playful touch.”
(Carina Schmalenberg, oedema patient and fashion blogger)

Gentle and relaxed

“With this pastel lilac, it exudes cool relaxation and brings the wonderful scent of lavender directly into your wardrobe.”
(Caroline Sprott, oedema patient and fashion blogger)

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