Travel for the over 60s

Now is the best time!

The over 60s love to travel.  No longer are you expected to have quiet, unobtrusive holidays in unheard of places. 35% of all package tours and 80% of all cruises are booked by the over 60s. What's more, you have time to travel more often, stay longer and have more money to spend than younger folk. You take advantage of domestic holiday destinations, as well as cultural tours overseas, walking and golfing holidays too. If you keep any eye on a couple of extra things, you will stay fit and healthy on holiday – no matter what age.

If necessary, discuss your travel plans with your doctor or pharmacist who can advise on any vaccinations needed for the country you're visiting. It might be worth asking your pharmacist for advice on what medicines you should have in your first-aid kit too.

Mobility issues

Having a problem getting about is no reason to stay at home. Many airlines have a care and support service. If you contact them in good time, many of them will reserve an easily accessible seat, especially at the time of booking the flight.

Always remember to arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes before departure to give yourself plenty of time to check in and reach the gate with time to spare for a relaxing pre-flight cuppa.

Pack your travel documents

If you have a chronic illness, you should also take with you documents about your illness in addition to your passport. Your doctor should be able to provide this for you.

It might be a good idea to have your documents translated into the language of your destination to avoid language problems, however English normally suffices.

Remember the vaccinations

The risk of becoming infected with diseases such as typhoid, hepatitis, yellow fever or malaria is highest in countries with a tropical climate. Vaccinations and preventive medicines offer the best protection. Speak with your doctor or pharmacist if you’re not sure. It’s also worth considering vaccinations against influenza and pneumonia too.

First-aid kit

Your Pharmacist will be able to advise you what to have in your travel first-aid kit. They will also be able to tell you whether you are allowed to take as much medicine with you as you’ll need for the whole time you're in the foreign country.

If you are taking your medication abroad with you, carry it in your hand luggage along with a copy of your prescription. It is also worth packing a spare supply of medication in your suitcase (along with another copy of your prescription). It is advisable to check with your airline’s policy regarding medication. 

Arrive feeling fresh and ready for your holiday

To reduce the risk of traveller's thrombosis of journeys of more than 3 hours, we recommend medi's travel socks direct from our web shop or by calling customer services on T. 01432 373500. Our clinically proven travel socks have controlled pressure gradient decreasing up towards the knee, they activate the muscle pump and thus the blood circulation.

On long-haul flights, you should also drink twice as much as on the ground as you can easily become dehydrated. Water, fruit juice mixed with mineral water or herbal teas are the best in this case. Avoid "diuretic" drinks such as coffee, tea or alcohol as these will dehydrate you even further.

Wear loose-fitting clothing and comfortable footwear. Give your circulation a boost with exercises such as rocking your feet between the ball of the foot and the heel and rotating your feet in circular motions. Take every opportunity to stretch your legs by getting up and walking around. Each time you flex your muscles, it promotes the return flow of blood to the heart.

Rule of thumb: start your holiday relaxed and don't take on or plan too much in advance. Give yourself time to become familiar with your destination and climate. There’s a whole world out there to explore, at any age!

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