Holidaying with the family

Have a relaxing holiday – even with the children!

Whether it’s a farm holiday, camping in Cornwall or a city break – the destination should be chosen carefully when you have little ones in tow. The climate and the hygienic conditions should all be as suitable as possible for children as they are more susceptible to infectious diseases and food poisoning. Their bodies can’t reliably regulate their body temperature or fluid balance at a young age. You should think long and hard before long-distance travel, especially when you have young children.

"Do you remember when we were out hiking and the heavens suddenly opened? We all had to quickly huddle under the umbrella and tell jokes until the storm was over". Holidays together are future fond family memories. On holiday, all the family members finally have time for each other. They're more relaxed away from home and they all want only one thing: to have fun! But before the holiday arrives, there is plenty to plan beforehand and a few hurdles to be overcome. All child's play with our tips!

Preparation is key

Children need their own passports to travel abroad. Now is the time to get your passport photo taken and to apply for that passport. Start writing a list and make sure it includes sunscreen, sun hats, beach shoes, etc. Does your destination recommend vaccinations? If so remember to pack the vaccination certificates and take out holiday health insurance. Have a think too about when the best time is to set off on holiday - early evening, at the crack of dawn or at lunchtime. Or maybe when the chances are highest that your child will sleep and you can all relax and enjoy the journey.

Tips for a relaxed arrival

"Are we nearly there yet"? Longer journeys or flights with children can become a challenge – but it can be done smoothly! Prepare a box full of surprises to occupy and distract them such as travel games, books, small snacks and audio books. If your little ones get sick, try to make sure they avoid looking out of the side window and not eat too much junk food during the journey. Make sure that the whole family drinks enough and, if you're going by car, plan a break at least every two hours. It doesn't have to be a motorway service station every time. Keep your eyes peeled for a playground or an ice-cream shop!

Poorly child

A moment ago, they were happy licking an ice-cream and all of a sudden, that dreaded tummy ache, diarrhoea and nausea. Unfortunately, sickness and diarrhoea or colds are more the rule rather than the exception for young children on holiday. These can be overcome quite quickly with a quick rummage in the first-aid kit, some peace and quiet and litres of water. Dehydration is a genuine risk for young holidaymakers. You, as the parents, should watch your child closely: decreasing skin elasticity, irregular breathing and dark urine are the danger signs. Ice lollies can be your secret weapon for bring down your child’s temperature and increasing hydration too.

Family first-aid kit

A well thought out first-aid kit for a holiday with children looks something like this:

  • Antiseptic cream
  • Sticky plasters, bandages
  • Scissors, tweezers, tick card
  • Thermometer and medicines to lower the temperature
  • Medicine for diarrhoea that is also suitable for children
  • Rehydration solutions
  • Soothing teas with chamomile, fennel or caraway seed for tummy bugs
  • Special nose drops for children
  • Antihistamine gel to treat insect bites
  • Insect repellent suitable for children's skin

Keep moving!

There's no doubt – holiday is all about relaxing. But if the kids are happy, the family is happy! Make sure they get plenty of exercise to expend their energy (and it’s good for you too!). Take the whole family on regular walks, cycle trips and swimming. The children show us how it's done: they're always running around, they often find it difficult to sit still.
To prevent risks of thrombosis, make sure you walk around if you’re in an aircraft or on the train. Take a walk at the motorway service station and do simple exercises during the drive or the flight to keep the blood flowing. Travel socks, such as medi travel, are available via our web shop or by calling our Customer Services team. With their controlled pressure gradient decreasing up to the knee, they activate the muscle pump and thus the blood circulation. By the way, sporting activities also help the digestive tract, which is often constricted by sitting for long periods and then manifests itself by form of a tummy ache or travel sickness.

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