Chest and waist in focus

Cosmetic surgery

Most of us want to look the best we can which is perfectly normal. Partaking in sports, eating healthily and investing in moisturisers, cosmetics and a good hairdresser can all help with this goal. However, sometimes, those stubborn fatty areas around the tummy, legs and bottom, just won’t shift no matter how much exercise and dieting we do. Or some women want to have bigger, smaller or a firmer bust. In these cases, there might only be one thing that helps: cosmetic surgery. This often achieves very good results in combination with clever post-operative compression treatment.

The term cosmetic surgery covers all operations that are performed to improve or rejuvenate the external appearance. (ACREDIS, 30.08.2013). In the chest and waist region, these include liposuction, abdominoplasty ("tummy tuck"), breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lifting and the treatment of gynaecomastia (development of a female breast form in men).
Liposuction is now considered to be one of the most frequently performed cosmetic operations worldwide. It is usually performed under general anaesthetic, although an epidural anaesthetic may be used for liposuction on lower parts of the body. High frequency vibrations involving a weak laser pulse or a high-water pressure jet are used to break up the fat cells. The fat it is sucked out through a cannula by a vacuum pump. The procedure usually lasts one to three hours and most people need to stay in hospital overnight. Fatty areas on the outside of the thighs, the bottom, the tummy and lower back area respond well to this procedure. But the method can also be used for the face.
Abdominoplasty is intended to improve the shape of the tummy. It is carried out via a horizontal incision by the surgeon just above the pubic hairline. The surgeon normally places the incision in such a way that it is completely covered by the underwear or swimwear. They then separate the skin and fatty tissue from the abdominal musculature. If the skin is sufficiently elastic, it can be tightened by pulling downwards and removing the surplus skin. A new opening is made for the belly button and the surgical wound is closed. This procedure is mainly performed under general anaesthetic.
With a breast augmentation, the surgeon inserts implants in a cavity between the mammary gland and the chest muscle or behind the chest muscle. Small skin incisions are needed to insert the implants, which, depending on the technique used, are made either in the armpit, the inframammary fold (under the breast) or around the edge of the areola (nipple). When the wound heals the scars should remain virtually invisible. The cavity needed to hold the implant is formed between the mammary gland and the chest muscle or behind the chest muscle itself.
Women with larger than average breasts and men with a female breast form (gynaecomastia) decide in favour of a breast reduction. The surgeon removes skin, fatty and glandular tissue and reshapes the breast with a natural contour. For a breast lifting procedure, the sagging breast is lifted and surplus skin removed. In both a reduction and lifting of the female breast, the doctor moves the nipple upwards to give the breast a firm and youthful appearance.

Why is compression so important?

The objective of wearing compression is to support the new shape during the healing process. There are special compression garments for this, for example medi’s lipomed bra. These ensure even distribution of remaining fat cells and also prevent the skin from shrinking or forming waves and prevent the onset of oedema and haematomas. By wearing the lipomed bra for 4-6 weeks ensures that an even silhouette is formed. Medical compression tights are most suitable after liposuction or after a tummy tuck.

There are made-to-measure and specially fitted compression vests for men after chest surgery or reconstruction. All these garments are easy to put on and are comfortable to wear, even on hot days, because they are latex-free, active breathing and moisture permeable.

Summary: there are some blemishes that only a surgeon can help with. By making sure you wear high-quality compression garments after the operation, there are no further obstacles to your desired figure!

It’s always best to love yourself first and foremost and not to be too critical of your body. It is also good to remember that no one is perfect and sometimes it’s good to just accept yourself for who you are.
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