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M.3s OA

Knee orthosis/brace

  • 100 % aluminium frame
  • Elastic medial strap design
  • Air condyle pads with skin-grip system

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Single hinged functional knee brace for the relief of unicompartmental osteoarthritis of the knee

M.3s OA is a varus/valgus brace. The product is exclusively to be used for the orthotic fitting of the knee and only on unbroken skin.


Product benefits

  • 100 % aluminium frame: strong, low profile, light weight frame and hinge construction

  • Elastic medial strap design at thigh level

  • Allen key included for customised adjustments

  • Numbered straps ensure a simple fastening sequence

  • Air condyle pads with skin-grip system

How does it work?/Mode of action

Correction of the lateral or medial joint space using the 3-point principle
Pain relief by reducing weight-bearing on the affected side of the joint
Decreases further capsule irritation/ synovitis
Individually adjustable varus and valgus angles with a  low profile joint; during the course of treatment the varus/valgus angles can be readjusted according to the healing process
Hinges proximal to knee joint allow precise off loading of the knee
Polycentric hinge
Limitation of extension 0°, 10°

Donning/fitting instructions

After fitting the brace, your orthopaedics dealer will show you how to do this.


Standard colours

Material components

Aluminum, Velours, Polyester, PU-foam

Washing instructions

Soap residues, lotions and ointments
can cause skin irritation and material
Wash the paddings and covers by
hand, preferably using medi clean
washing agent.
Do not bleach.
Leave to dry naturally.
Do not iron.
Do not dry clean.
With normal use, the hinge mechanism
should not require any maintenance, but
it can be lubricated with Teflon spray.
Check regularly that the joint screws are
secure, tighten them if necessary.


Medical specifications


  • Conservative treatment of pronounced unilateral, medial or lateral osteoarthritis and arthritis of the knee
  • Permanent care where surgery is contraindicated
  • Interim care until decision has been taken on possible surgical procedures such as correction osteotomy or knee joint replacement
  • For weight bearing relief after surgery for medial or lateral fractures of the tibial head

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