restiffic patient resources

Patient resources

At medi, we know that it’s important to have all the facts when beginning treatment for your RLS. That’s why we’ve created informational flyers for both you and your physician. For everything you need to know about restiffic and tips for managing your RLS, download our patient brochure here. When discussing restiffic with your physician, share the restiffic Clinician Information Pack with them.

Many patients suffering from RLS find it helpful to keep a journal to record their symptoms and daily habits that may be contributing to or improving their RLS symptoms. We have created a symptom journal that may be helpful in evaluating your RLS symptoms and in discussions with your healthcare provider.
Download the RLS symptom journal here.

Sometimes it can feel lonely or isolating to deal with RLS symptoms, as it can be difficult to describe your condition to family members and friends. But did you know that RLS is estimated to affect 7-10% of the UK population? You are not alone and medi wants to help.

Size chart for restiffic

restiffic size chart for women and men

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