Donning and doffing aids

Simple donning and doffing of medical compression garments

Donning and doffing aids makes struggling with compression stockings a thing of the past

A compression garment must be put on to fit comfortably, so it sits like a second skin on the leg thus exerting its full effect. The medi Butler donning aids have been developed to make donning compression garments easier: these are also a great help for people with restricted mobility.

How medi Butlers work

medi Butlers are very easy to use: the compression garment is first pulled over the frame's stirrup. This pre-stretches the stocking so that the foot can glide in easily. Once the toe and heel have been adjusted to fit inside the stocking, it can then pulled up over the leg bit by, this is done by alternately pulling on and releasing the handles of the medi Butler.

medi's donning aids are available to suit people of all sizes. 

medi 2in1 is light-weight, portable and hard wearing, which ensures the stockings glide over the heel effortlessly.

The medi Butler Off is the answer for taking off compression garments without bending and without physical effort.