Frequently Asked Questions

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What is juxtacures?

  • juxtacures is an instantly adjustable compression system for the treatment of venous stasis ulcers and is an alternative to compression bandaging.

When should I use juxtacures?

  • juxtacures is suitable for a vast majority of venous leg ulcer patients. Benefits over bandaging include reduced nursing time, promotes patient self-management, aids healing and reduces treatment costs.

How do I order juxtacures?

  • juxtacures is available in 3 lengths (taken from the B to D measurement following the contour of the calf) - Short (28cm), Standard (33cm) and Long (38cm).
  • juxtacures can be ordered through FP10/GP10 under part IXA Venous Ulcer Compression System, via NHSSC, direct to hospitals or patient direct order through head office or online e-shop (shop.mediuk.co.uk).

juxtacures product codes:

juxtacures - Short (28cm) DT100/2 EGD7218
juxtacures - Standard (33cm) DT100/3 EGD7219
juxtacures - Long (38cm) DT100/4 EGD7220
Comfort Leg Liner DT100/L EGD7221
Comfort Compression Anklet - Std (pr) DT100/SA EGD7222
Comfort Compression Anklet - Large (pr) DT100/LA EGD7223

Where do I measure to establish the length I require?

  • Measure the leg between ankle (b) and below knee (d), following the contour of the calf.

Which size do I choose?

  • Choose the juxtacures length nearest to your patient's b-d measurement.
  • If the measurement falls between two sizes, chose the longer size if oedema is present and chose the shorter size if none or minimal oedema present.

How do I fit the garment initially?

  • Click on the video link on the right hand side of the page on this link

Do I ever need to re-set the spine?

  • The spine is set depending on the b/d measurements. When resetting the spine make sure no Velcro is in contact with the skin.

What do I do about the patients' feet?

  • juxtacures is supplied with 2 Comfort Compression Anklets to control/prevent foot oedema. One anklet should be used routinely. If additional compression is required, two may be used together. In exceptional cases additional compression may be required, in which case we can supply a PAC Band (currently not available through FP10/GP10 route) or a juxtafit Ankle Foot Wrap (available on FP10/GP10).

Can I wash the juxtacures?

  • The juxtacures, Comfort Leg Liner and Comfort Compression Anklet should be washed at a low temperature in the washing machine and tumble dried on a cool setting or air dried on a flat surface. If in the unlikely event the juxtacures becomes soiled form exudate, it is possible to wash the product at 65 degrees.

Can I use the juxtacures where my patient has lipodermatosclerosis (ie very small ankle and very large calf)?

  • The juxtacures is designed to be used as a stand-alone compression system and is worn over the ulcer dressing of choice. In exceptional circumstances the limb may be very distorted, ie very small ankle and a large calf (greater than 30 cm difference) where clinicians may need to reshape the limb using a wool bandage. Once the wool bandage and Comfort Leg Liner are in place, measure the ankle and calf circumferences in order to cut and fit the juxtacures. 
  • This will need to be re-evaluated in the first week as the limb shape often changes due to reduction of oedema and padding will most likely not be required thereafter.

Can I use the juxtacures if the ulcer is below or extends below the lower edge of the garment?

  • Wearing the juxtacures will improve venous hypertension. Even if an ulcer falls below the lower edge of the juxtacures it can be managed effectively with a dressing, and the Comfort Compression Anklet, which are worn as part of the juxtacures regime/recommendations.
  • It is also possible to cut a medi lymph-pad (stripe version) to the size of the ulcer and place it on top of the dressing under the Comfort Compression Anklet to improve stiffness (especially if the ulcer is behind the malleolus). These lymph-pads are available from medi UK.

Which way around should the juxtacures be worn?

  • The correct way of wearing the juxtacures is with the black side to the skin.

Can juxtacures be used for mixed aetiology ulcers?

  • All ulcers require a full medical assessment to establish the cause for the ulceration. If compression is suitable, low compression (20 mmHg) can be applied as prescribed.

Can my patient wear shoes while wearing a juxtacures?

  • juxtacures also allows for the wearing of everyday shoes as well as a full range of motion in the ankle. This is important in improving the calf muscle pump which will help heal the venous leg ulcer.

The scale is small on the BPS card - how does this work?

  • The juxtacures is made up of inelastic material, therefore small amounts of stretch on the fabric is all that is required to achieve greater levels of compression.
  • The BPS ensures that the juxtacures offers the correct calibrated compression. This is unique to medi/CircAid products.

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