Upper and lower limb garments

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Not all patients will fit the standard sizes available in medi garments.

The solution may be a garment from our made to measure range. Made to measure not only offers the same styles, it can also provide additional options plus stronger compression classes for more difficult or unusual situations.

Upper Limb Garments

Manufactured in mediven 550 or mediven esprit offering increased comfort and ease of application.

  • Compression classes 1, 2 and 3
  • 3 colour options, sand, caramel and black
  • Anatomically shaped shoulder cap is an option
  • Zips, pockets, padding and lining can be added
  • Hand-pieces with or without fingers available as combined or separate to armsleeves

medi provide printed forms outlining the information required to enable the specialist to order an accurately fitting garment.

A special made to measure pack is available containing information to show how simple it is to measure for our garments.

Lower Limb Garments
Round knit and Flat knit available

Round knit offering:

  • the same quality fabrics that patients are familiar with, mediven plus, mediven elegance and mediven forte.
  • aesthetically pleasing
  • more style options and extra colour options
  • larger sizes can be catered for
  • compressive panty top options

Flat knit (mediven 550, mondi and sensoo) offering:

  • more rigid fabric providing containment for more difficult situations
  • 550 in ccl 1 to 4, mondi in ccl 1 to 3 and sensoo in ccl 2 only
  • compression gradient guaranteed for all limb sizes
  • difficult shapes can be accommodated
  • very small and very large sizes possible
  • two colour options, Caramel or Black
  • 3-D anatomically shaped panty and thigh garments
  • zips, pockets, padding etc. can be added
  • toe caps available (550 only, ccl 1 to 3)

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